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Andean Medicine Journey May 11-23: Registration Open

Join Me in Peru for the Journey of a Lifetime!

 Andean Medicine Journey

Sacred Valley, Peru, May 11-23


Are you drawn to doing deeply transformative self-work with the powerful support of a medicine community? Do you want to access the incredible potential for healing and change that sacred medicine plants offer? Do the spirits of the mountains and high wild places call to you? Do you want to see clearly what holds you back on your spiritual path—and to call on the support of guides and helping spirits, and your own deepest inner resources, to support you in living your life to the fullest? 


Then join me this May in Peru! Over the course of 12 days, we will experience six daylong ceremonies with the plant medicine known as huachuma (San Pedro), a cactus used for millennia by the native peoples of the Andes.  We will spend our days in ceremony at some of the most powerful sacred sites of the Inca and pre-Inca peoples,  among the high mountains of the Sacred Valley, culminating with a special ceremony at the base of the sacred mountain Apu Ausangate.  


Together, working with experienced paqos who have apprenticed on this path for a decade and will be our guides for the journey, we will explore hot springs and temple sites; participate in a despacho offering ceremony to connect to the land and its spirits in the spirit of ayni or sacred reciprocity; visit the hidden local gems like the chicha (fermented corn beer) house in Ollataytambo; eat foods prepared by local families; and trek three days and two nights to an ancient sun gate high above the Sacred Valley.  We’ll also enjoy down-time for personal healing and regular group integration circles, and I’ll be offering each participant an individual healing session as part of our time together. 


Participants are responsible for their flights to Cusco, Peru, but ALL other costs—

including transportation, lodging, food and six sacred ceremonies with huachuma—

are included in the price of $2500 USD.  I will be working with potential participants to ensure that we have a solid group capable of handling both the high altitude trekking and the deep inner work we’ll be doing together.  Limited to a dozen or so participants, so if you’re interested get in touch now!


Email for more information and to receive a link to a google survey so we can determine if this trip is a good match for you! 


Below you’ll see photos from my recent  trip to many of the places we’ll be visiting together, including the sacred sites of Pumamarca, Marcacocha and Perilniyoq, and the sacred mountain Ausangate. I keep going back to Peru for the mountains, the medicine, the people, and most of all the community we create when we do this important work together.   I can’t wait to return—and, if spirit calls you, I’d love to have you come along!  Scroll down past the image gallery for a full day-by-day itinerary of the journey. 



May 2019 Andean Heart Medicine Journey Itinerary

I am thrilled to be leading this adventure to the sacred landscapes of Peru, where we’ll encounter our inner wilderness while trekking through the wild places of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  I suggest that participants arrive a few days before our gathering starts in order to acclimate to the altitude. Here’s a day-by-day overview of our adventure. 

Arrival Saturday, May 11 

Day 1 - May 11: Arrival to Ollantaytambo - Opening Circle

Arrival to Cusco for your transfer down to the Sacred Valley of the Incas for a relaxing day in the beautiful town of Ollaytaytambo. We will meet in the afternoon for an opening circle and orientation for our journey together. In the evening we will head out for a welcoming dinner

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 2: Ollantaytambo - Free Morning / Optional Tunupa & Afternoon Rituals

Rise in shine in Ollantaytambo! If you're still feeling tired from the high altitude,  take the morning off to let your body continue to adjust. If you're feeling up for a challenge, we will make the steep climb up above town to the sacred mountain of Tunupa, a mythical being with an important story in the Andean Cosmovision. In the afternoon we will gather for a ceremony known as Haywarikuy, or offering ritual, where you will have an opportunity to formally connect with the amazing ancient guardians and sprits of this land, to offer your thanks and praise as well as to seed your prayers for the journey ahead. We will also discuss the ritual of "karpay" in the Andes and participate with Master Sebastian. 

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 3: Mountain of Souls Ceremony

Today we will gather for our first encounter with Apu Wachuma in the ancient temple known as the Mountain of Souls. Ancient lineages of ancestral spirits await you with open arms to share with you their wisdom and messages, supporting us in any way we need to remember who we truly are and how to apply this essence to our lives! 

This evening we will eat locals-style - right at the base of the mountain in the grass with the best chef ever - our favorite local Andean Mama Antonia!

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 4: Pumamarka Ceremony

Another fantastic opportunity today to continue to deepen your connection with our amazing guardians and ascended masters. Experience first-hand how these temples wgtyere prepared  for this mission of sacred service, literally for YOU - vortexes to facilitate our growth, well-being, and to aid us in remembering our highest potential!

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 5: Optional Morning Visit to Apu Veronica - Afternoon Circle & Integration 

Today we will honor some of you feeling the call to rest and integrate our last few ceremonies, while others may be up for more adventure. For a few hours this morning we can visit the lower altitudes of Apu Veronica - a sub-tropical cloud forest with vibrant nature and some of the freshest (and coldest) glacier waters in the Andes. A gentle 1 hour hike will take us to a pristine area near the stream and some time for an optional plunge into these medicinal waters.

After lunch in Ollantaytambo we will gather for a sharing circle which will support everyone on this journey, both independently and together as a family, to integrate your experiences into each breath of everyday life.

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 6: Perolniyoq Trek Ceremony & Mountain Camping

Today we begin the first day of our 3-Day pilgrimagr through the ancient highlands above Ollantaytambo, starting with a ceremony at a temple known as Perolniyoq - or as we prefer to call it - the place where the Hummingbird meets the Condor. On the way up to this temple we must first visit her majesty - the powerful feminine spirit residing in a massive waterfall. Optional initiation in her waters for those who feel the call! The trek continues nearly another hour up to the cliff tops above the waterfall where we will spend the rest of the day connecting with the beautiful essence of this temple.

We will spend the evening recieving the powerful medicine wisdom until retreating to our campsite just above the temple. Evening meal on the mountain and the best accomodation with a night below thousands of stars!

Lodging: Camping

Day 7: Perolniyoq Trek 2nd Day - Ceremony to High Pass and Cosmic Portal Initiation 

We will depart bright and early from Perolniyoq to journey several hours up to the high pass, near the chief mountain of this area - Apu Llucos - to take in the sky-high views of neighboring glaciers and valleys below. Apu Wachuma will guide us on this celestial journey as we move over the high plain from Apu Llucos to Apu Yanakaka and down to our Cosmic Gateway for our final initiation of the day. Our final destination will be our campsite at the temple of Choquetacarpo just below the Gateway.

Lodging: Camping

Day 8: Cosmic Portal Sunrise - Ancient Quarry & Return to Ollantaytambo 

Today will be our final day of our Trek - a gentle descent while we explore the mysterious Cachicata Quarry before descending back into dense vegetation and the heat of the Sacred Valley. In the evening we will gather at the local Chicha house with our favorite Chicha Mama to drink the sacred fermented beverage of the Ancients - the milk of Pachamama - the perfect way to recharge our batteries and nourish our physical bodies after a long hike!

Lodging: Ollantaytambo

Day 9: Morning Integration Circle - Temple of Cheqoq - Chinchero 

Before departing Ollantaytambo we will gather for another integration circle to share our experience of the pilgrimage. After lunch we will ascend to the high plains above the Sacred Valley and visit a few temples along the way with amazing views and opportunity to connect with the unique energies of each space we visit. In the evening we will arrive in Chinchero, a town known for its amazing textiles. In the evening we will meet another elder master, Mama Irene for some teachings and ritual time!

Lodging: Chinchero  

Day 10: Ausangate Mountain 

We will depart from Chinchero and head south, first through the valley of Cusco then onwards through small towns and communities, stopping along the way to sample some foods, and then ascend a windy road up to the high pass and our first view of our destination - Apu Ausangate. Arriving to the community we will organize accomodation at the home stay and gather for another ritual of Haywarikuy and prepare an offering for this phase of our journey. Dinner will be served and the rest of the evening is yours to enjoy the local volcanic hot springs with views of the high peaks and open skies above.

Lodging: Homestay in Paqchanta

Day 11: Ausangate Pilgrimage Ceremony

Apu Ausangate is known as our chief mountain in the Cusco area and beyond, and is considered our most powerful master. For thousands of years, people have journeyed to this mountain seeking wisdom, guidance and initiation onto the path of sacred service. Today you will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with Chief Ausangate and receive an initiation from the sacred waters of the Jaguar Lake. 

We will leave our community by foot, or by horseback for those who wish, following the river and make our way up and over the rolling plains towards our mountain. As you make this pilgrimage you may be tested in many ways, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as the medicine of these masters continues to support you in liberating your old ways that no longer serve and opening up to remembering you as one with all of Creation. Evening back in the community for dinner and more time in the hot springs!

Lodging: Homestay in Paqchanta

Day 12: Ausangate Farewell and Return to Cuzco

After breakfast we will gather for another integration circle and start the journey back to Cuzco. In the evening we'll join for our last feast together and toast to our time spent together in ceremony :-)

Lodging: Cusco

Day 13: Departure from Cusco / Optional Additional Add-ons

Transfer to the airport for your flight to Lima or other activities in Cusco. Please inquire if you wish to spend more time or organize other services.


NOTE: In the Andes, life has a different flow and may sometimes be subject to unexpected changes, adjustments and divine intervention. We call this the "cosmic program," and we love it, because its always perfect. On any given day due to "X" circumstances, we may have to switch things up. But have no fear, this will not take anything from your journey - in fact, it can only enrich it more when the surprises present themselves :-)

Price per person:


Initial non-refundable deposit of $700 required to hold your spot in this transformative adventure!

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