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About Mitchell

       I was born in Pontiac, Michigan to a family of teachers, musicians and travelers, and moved to Colorado when my father became a professor of education at University of Northern Colorado.  In my youth I was drawn to all those things- words, song, touch, motion, silence - that simultaneously bring us into the body and beyond it, into our essential aloneness and our deepest communion.  All these ecstatic activities I now call simply prayer

       I discovered poetry early, and spent many nights wandering the streets with a notebook in my hand, reading the great mystic poets: Rilke, Blake, Roethke, Pessoa, Rumi and the like. I earned a BA with honors in Individualized Education (combining literature, cultural anthropology and comparative religion) from University of Northern Colorado in 1989. After travels, I attended the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where I earned by MFA in Poetry in 1992, studying with many great contemporary poets, including Jorie Graham, James Galvin and Marvin Bell. 

       In 2001 I joined Sounds True as an editor and producer, and over the past 17 years I've had the honor of working with many of the world's great spiritual teachers and shamanic practitioners. In 2011, while directing a video shoot for Sandra Ingerman's course on shamanic journeying, I had a profound awakening experience involving a great cosmic serpent who came to me in a lower world journey, took my head in her fanged mouth and licked my third eye. That experience led to a month-long period essentially free from discursive thought and mind chatter, followed by many years of energetic integration. 

       I initially found guidance and solace in the writings of the non-dual Advaita teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj, and from the satsangs and writings of contemporary spiritual teacher Adyashanti, whose book Resurrecting Jesus I later had the pleasure of editing. I found that the combination of non-dual insight and shamanic practice provides a beautiful balance, reminding me of the unchanging nature of being while grounding me in the particulars of my life and the world around me.

       Since that initial awakening, I have delved deeply into my own shamanic practice, working extensively with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Sandra Ingerman, Jose and Lena Stevens and Julie Kramer.  Over the past years, I have hosted the ongoing course Year of Ceremony, working with a different shamanic teacher each full moon, as well as co-hosting and presenting in The Power of Shamanism summit.  I now offer private sessions, workshops and guided travels aimed at helping other access their unique heart medicine.

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