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Accessing the Wisdom Indigenous to our Human Being for Transformation and Healing

We are spirit embodied in form.  As human beings, we carry all the wisdom of our ancestral lineages in our blood and our body-memory, and we are simultaneously living portals to source, to being itself. Yet we often move in the world out of touch with both nature and spirit, caught in the mind-generated self-talk and conditioned responses that we've learned in this lifetime and inherited through the generational karma or unresolved energies of our bloodlines. How can we begin to live as free beings, accessing the full wisdom of our ancestors, open to the immediate guidance of spirit, and in communion with all the beings that inhabit our world - plants and animals, earth and stars, the interlocking circles of our living human tribe and the spirit guides and allies whose wisdom is accessible only when we untie the knots of mind and drop into the vast space of the heart? 

Combining the insights of the great poets and mystics with the embodied, earth-centered practices of our shared shamanic lineages, which are the inheritance of all human beings, my teachings aim to bring us into a direct perception of our nature as spirit while simultaneously pointing out the heartbreaking beauty and joy inherent in our unique, unrepeatable journeys as individual human beings.   My intent is to help others live their lives as a direct expression of the heart's inherent wisdom, free and present, in direct connection with the source of all being, which is love.   When we move from love, as love, then we have  full access to the wild, untamed places outside us- in the mountains and rivers of our sacred world- and inside us, in the vast, mysterious realms of our bodies and hearts.

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